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I am interested in investing in SubioMed. How do I get involved?

Thank you for your interest! Please contact directly SubioMed for more information. Brian Bowen Executive Vice President / Board Member

What is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the science of understanding human movement. Lower Extremity (LE) Biomechanics focusese on the movement from the foot to the hip.

What is Ground Reaction Force (GRF)?

Ground Reaction Force (GRF) is the force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it. GRF can exert up to 1-5X a person's body weight during normal gait(1) and directly impacts and alters Lower Extremity (LE) Biomechanics. (1) Ground Reaction Force (GRF) at Different Speeds of Human Walking and Running (Acta Physio Scand. Nilsson J., Thorstensson A. (1989).

What is Suspension Biomechanics™?

Supension Biomechanics™ is SubioMed's patented technology platform that provides efficient energy management and fluid, controlled correction to counteract the negative effects of Ground Reaction Force (GRF).

I may have a technology that may be of interest to SubioMed. Who can I contact?

We value and appreciate those who want to innovate and "think outside the box." Please contact directly SubioMed for more information (

What is the difference between Static Motion Control vs Dynamic Motion Control?

Traditional ways of treating Lower Extremity (LE) pathologies involve using conventional bracing and supports utilize what we refer to as Static Motion Control. While somewhat effective, Static Motion Control can often lead to undesirable side effects, which include: muscle atrophy, soft tissue tightening, scar tissue build-up, reduced Range of Motion (ROM), and the potential overloading of adjacent structures (which can cause other problems). We believe there's a better way... Dynamic Motion Control treats LE pathologies with precise, controlled movement. SubioMed's Dynamic Motion Controll technology promotes corrective gait in fluid, controlled way, while also managing and minimizing the negative energies created by Ground Reaction Force (GRF). We believe this new approach to Motion Control will provide a more comprehensive approach to managing and preventing Lower Extremity (LE) pathologies.

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