The Minnesota's Angel Tax Credit provides a 25% credit to investors or investment funds that make equity investments in startup companies focused on high technology, new proprietary technology, or a new proprietary product, process or service in specified fields. The maximum credit is $125,000 per person, per year ($250,000 if filing jointly). The credit is refundable. Residents of other states and foreign countries are eligible. 

Minnesota Angel Tax Credit Fact Sheet

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SubioMed Inc. has been certified for participation in the 2021 MN Angel Tax Credit program.


Investors receive a 25% rebate for their SubioMed investment, and they do not need to reside in MN to receive the Credit.

Total cost to the investor is $550 ($350 to apply for the Credit, and $100 to submit Annual Reports in 2022 and 2023).

As of March 15 2021, $1.3 million in general credits remain, and $4.3 million in reserved credits remain. Any remaining reserved credits not allocated by October 1, 2021 become available on that date for investment in any qualified business.

Step-by-Step Instructions for SubioMed Investors

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For additional information on the Minnesota Angel Tax Credit, please visit the State of Minnesota's Employment and Economic Development website [ click here ] and/or contact us directly.

Brian Bowen

Executive Vice President