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One Vision.




It all started with Dr. Barry Butler's vision that there was a better way of treating lower extremity foot and ankle disease states. A passion that has been built on over 30-years of clinical experience helping patients heal and a desire to find new and innovative ways to treat foot pain.


We've assembled a team of highly talented and experienced individuals to turn this cause into movement, and very soon a business.

SubioMed is a privately held company with offices located in Minneapolis, MN. SubioMed is located in the world renowned medical device epicenter of Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. The company’s management team and board of directors are highly respected, experienced and accomplished leaders in their respective fields.







Mr. Kaysen has 40+ years of executive level experience leading and managing both domestic and international emerging growth companies.  Mr. Kaysen has achieved consistent and solid results with technology, bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and clinical software/IT companies. 


He is experienced in the FDA approval process, leading products from development stage through commercialization and revenue growth. He also has pursued and secured new CPT reimbursement codes that led to significant development and revenues for a new product line and a new market.  


Mr. Kaysen started his career in sales and marketing with American Hospital Supply Inc. one of the largest medical device and service companies in the US at the time.  Upon leaving the company after a large merger, he began his career with small, start-up and emerging growth companies at the executive level.  He has led both publicly traded and privately held companies in a variety of medical specialty and technology areas.  He has raised will over $100 million for the various companies, most recently having raised over $3 million for Atrility Medical, Inc. a small company focused on improving atrial monitoring for severe cardiac patients.  He led Rehabilicare, Inc., a major company in the orthopedic, rehabilitation and sports medicine markets world-wide, growing them from $4 million in sales to over $75 million in revenue through internal growth and a significant M&A strategy.  This led to the eventual merger of the company with a strong strategic partner.  He currently is Chairman of the Board of InterRad Medical, Inc.





Co-founder with 35+ years of leadership and consulting roles in consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, medical device, bracing, pedorthics, and foot + ankle implants and devices. Expertise in strategy, marketing management, R&D, sales management, and sales training.

His value creation experience ranges from large consumer brands to disruptive med device technology, including foot and ankle. Brian's approach to innovative technology seeks optimized value creation across all customer segments, including patients, providers, facilities, and payors.

He received his marketing BBA from UW-Eau Claire, MBA from Northwestern University, and pedorthic training from the William Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine.






Board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery (ABPS) and a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (FACFAS).

As founder of Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinics LLP, Dr. Butler brings clinical insight from his 30+ years of foot and ankle patient care. Dedicated to helping patients resume active, healthy lifestyles, his experience spans the foot and ankle spectrum and includes in-house fabrication of orthotics and bracing, non-surgical care, diabetic wound management, and complex surgical reconstruction.

His pioneering of Suspension Biomechanics, which includes multiple patents pertaining to motion control and energy return, is borne of medicine’s need to discover disruptive approaches in managing Ground Reaction Force (GRF), both for avoidance and management of pathology.



Patrick Tarnowski.jpg



Patrick serves as Chief Commercial Officer for OneStep and brings over 30 years of healthcare experience in health plans, health systems, medical devices, startups and digital care delivery support. Prior to OneStep, he held executive leadership roles with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Orthology, and the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. Patrick currently serves as the Vice President of Professional Practice of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association’s and the Minnesota Cancer Alliance Steering Committee and is a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation’s SBIR seed fund and served as an Industry Mentor for their I-Corp Innovation program.


He received his degree in physical therapy from Boston University and his MBA from the University of St. Thomas. 




Mr. McBrayer has distinguished himself through 35+ years in the medical device business. Michael started his career in 1986 in the medical device business and rapidly progressed upward through various levels of sales and business development roles in the DJO organization and is currently the Senior Vice President of Business Development. Michael has been instrumental in various product development projects and programs that have been significant contributors to DJO’s success as the world leader in support and bracing technologies. He has also been a significant contributor in various acquisitions and business changes over the years. Additionally, Michael is well respected in some of the most highly regarded medical associations and societies in the US and abroad to include many academic-related associations.  Michael recently was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement” Award at DJO, a highly coveted award.

Philip Vierling photo.jpg



Mr. Vierling served as SubioMed, Inc Interim CEO from March 2021 through June 2022. He has 40-years of experience in leading medical device companies, including several start-ups.  Vierling’s career began with various management positions within Empi, a leader in the orthopedic rehabilitation market, with revenues of $8MM, to becoming the CEO and growing revenues to $145MM.  As CEO of Kalypto Medical, a start-up medical device in the lower extremity NPWT market, Vierling raised Series A and Series B funding, while pursuing innovative reimbursement codes that led to successful commercialization and eventual sale to Smith & Nephew. 



Martin Emerson is the President and CEO of Monteris Medical. Prior to joining Monteris, Marty spent eight years as the President and CEO of Galil Medical, a private company and leader in the cryoablation systems market. Mr. Emerson was President and CEO of American Medical Systems (AMS), a public urology and gynecology device company with sales of over $500 million. Prior to both Galil and AMS, he held various management positions, both domestic and international, with Boston Scientific and Baxter International. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Incisive Surgical, and Tepha Medical Devices.

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