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We have assembled  a collective of medical and biomechanics specialists, clinicians, engineers, product designers, and industry experts to create a more thoughtful way of improving gait and managing Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) using the latest in design and material innovations from a wide range of industries and applications. 

Dynamic Motion Control

Traditional ways of treating Lower Extremity (LE) pathologies involve using conventional bracing and supports utilize what we refer to as Static Motion Control. While somewhat effective, Static Motion Control can often lead to undesirable side effects, which include: muscle atrophy, soft tissue tightening, scar tissue build-up, reduced Range of Motion (ROM), and the potential overloading of adjacent structures (which can cause other problems).


We believe there's a better way...


Dynamic Motion Control is the treatment of LE pathologies with precise, controlled movement. SubioMed's Dynamic Motion Control technology promotes a proper gait in a fluid, controlled way, while also managing and minimizing the negative energies created by Ground Reaction Force (GRF). 

Dynamic Energy Return

Sir Isaac Newton figured it out with the apple… gravity.

Gravity + Human Motion = Ground Reaction Force (GRF)


GRF is the exchange of energy between the earth and our body during ground contact. Other than astronauts walking on the moon surface, GRF occurs during all three stages of contact (heel strike, midstance and toe-off).


The amount of GRF we encounter is determined by body weight, activity, type of ground, and angle of motion.  The effects of GRF can be gradual (aging) or rapid (injury). Regardless,  GRF takes a toll on humans.Traditional ways of minimizing GRF involve softer materials (inserts or shoe soles) and curved shoe soles.


We believe there's a better way...


Dynamic Energy Return is SubioMed's patented, systematic approach to controlling GRF. Our unique designs reduce GRF at heel strike, store the energy through midstance, and deliver the energy for propulsion assist at toe-off.  Dynamic Energy Return technology promotes more comfortable, less injurious gait.

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