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Utilize Suspension Biomechanics™ technology to improve the quality of life for millions of people suffering from sub-optimal foot and ankle biomechanics.


Suspension Biomechanics™ is a technology platform designed to improve human gait and balance by managing the harsh forces that accelerate breakdown and failure, by providing safe and controlled motion. The technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat, manage and prevent injuries and lower extremity pathologies.


The Wellness Continuum illustrates the relationship between the treatment paradigm to the wellness paradigm. It introduces the concept that there is a potential to achieve a higher state of health and wellness, beyond the absence of pain and/or symptoms.



During the absence of pain and symptoms we can be lured into a false sense of wellness and security, when there is a tremendous opportunity to achieve a higher-level of wellness.


Today, we are seeing a dramatic and consistent rise in lower extremity injuries and pathologies (e.g. osteoarthritis, diabetes, etc.), which is placing significant burdens on society. These problems negatively impact all aspects of our health and wellbeing; physically, mentally, emotionally, fiscally and socially, with devastating consequences.

The rate of normal (physical) wear and tear is accelerating at an unprecedented rate:

Increased Life Expectancy (1950-2015) 

United States

68.2 years (1950) to 78.9 years (2015)

+10.7 years (16% increase)


62.0 years (1950) to 77.8 years (2015)

+15.9 years (26% increase)


45.7 years (1950) to 71.7 years (2015)

+25.9 years (57% increase)

Source: Our World in Data based on United Nations Population Division for country estimates in 1950-2015. World Health Organization (WHO), Global Health Observatory. 

Overweight and Obese Adults (1975-2015) 

United States

40.8% (1975) to 69.6% (2015)


39.2% (1975) to 58.2% (2015)


21.5% (1975) to 38.4% (2015)

Source: Our World in Data based on United Nations Population Division for country estimates in 1950-2015. World Health Organization (WHO), Global Health Observatory. 


Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 2019.


Everyday the human body takes a pounding.

Ground Reaction Force or GRF is the force exerted by the ground on a body in contract with it. Whether a person is standing still, walking, jogging or running, GRF is exerted by the ground on the person. 


The GRFs generated during gait can range from 1-5X a person’s body weight.

Source: Why Weight Matters When It Comes to Joint Pain? Harvard Health Publishing (2020). 2 10,000 steps a day: Too low? Too high? Mayo Clinic  (March 23, 2020). 

Over time the human body inevitably breaks down through normal wear and tear, injury and disease. Breakdown eventually leads to failure. No one is exempt.


71% in men / 77% in women ages <50 years

>90% in both men and women ages >50 years

Source: Prevalence and Distribution of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Over the Entire Spine in a Population Based Cohort. Teraguchi, Yoshimura, Hashizume, et al. Volume 22, Issue 1. January 2014.


234,317 (2014) to 635,000 (2030) / 171% growth

29,752 (2014) to 72,000 revision THR (2030) / 142% growth


Source: Projected Volume of Primary and Revision Total Joint Replacement in the U.S. 2030 to 2060. AAOS Annual Meeting, 2018.


442,907 TKR (2014) and 1.28M TKR (2030) / 189% growth

41,380 (2014) to 120,000 revision TKR (2030) / 190% growth


Source: Projected Volume of Primary and Revision Total Joint Replacement in the U.S. 2030 to 2060. AAOS Annual Meeting, 2018.


Foot & Ankle Arthrodeses increased by 146%

8.2/100,000 per capita (1994) to 20.2/100,000 per capita (2006)

Source: Journal Foot Ankle Surgery. Nov-Dec 2015;54(6):1037-41. doi: 10.1053/j.jfas.2015.04.023. Epub 2015 Jul 26.


SubioMed’s patented Suspension Biomechanics™ technology is designed to reduce pain, improve function and speed recovery to help people realize significant health benefits through safe and controlled motion.

Dynamic Energy Management

subiomed_tech-dynamic energy mgmt icon_2

The ability to effectively manage the negative forces that accelerate breakdown and failure in the human suspension system. For medical and consumer applications. 

  • Deceleration & Energy Absorption – As the body makes (initial) contact with the ground, the device absorbs and dampens the forces much like a car’s suspension system absorbs bumps in the road. 

  • Energy Translation & Suspension – As the body moves through the gait cycle, kinetic energy is captured and loads the device. The device also minimizes energy transferred to the body, further reducing the effects of wear and tear. 

  • Energy Return – As the heel raises during the push-off phase of gait, the device returns the stored energy to provide propulsive (toe-off) assist.

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Precision Motion Control

subiomed_techn-precision motion control








The ability to safely control foot & ankle position with precision throughout the entire gait cycle. Primarily for medical applications. 

  • Instead of simply restricting motion, our control occurs during motion. 


  • Independent side-to-side (medial/lateral) control for each segment of the foot (hindfoot, midfoot, forefoot). 


  • Flexibly loading / off-loading throughout the gait cycle. 

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We can also integrate our technology into a wide range of everyday consumer products to help reduce the incidence of injury and disease.


Suspension Biomechanics is a technology that can change the course of treatment, management and prevention.

We believe mitigating the negative forces that accelerate breakdown and failure (of the human suspension system) and optimizing human gait can revolutionize the way we treat, manage and prevent injuries, disease and pathologies.


Movement is Medicine. We believe the sooner we can get patients moving, in a safe and controlled manner, the faster we can get them on the road to recovery and facilitate getting them moving towards a higher state of health and wellness. 


Short-Term Benefits:

  • Reduces pain and symptoms

  • Accelerates rehabilitation and recovery

Medical & Consumer

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Optimizes gait

  • Promotes activity and movement

  • Prevents the onset of new injuries, diseases and pathologies

  • Encourages improved health and wellness

Medical Products





  • Rx Orthotic Inserts

  • Rx Bracing & Supports

  • Walking Boots

  • Medical Footwear

Consumer Products





  • OTC Orthotic Inserts

  • OTC Bracing & Supports

  • Footwear

We are only beginning to scratch the surface of possibility. 


To learn more about SubioMed and Suspension Biomechanics technology, please contact us.

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